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The Legends of the Kazakhstan Steppes

17 September 6.30 pm Arvest Art Gallery "The Legends of the Kazakhstan Steppes" Oil paintings by Baymakhan Sherimov.

You are invited to join us to help welcome & meet the Kazakhstan artist from Taras, Baymakhan Sherimov at the opening of his first solo exhibit in Almaty.


Baimakhan Sherimov artworks


Photos from opening


Artwork title: Panfilov's park autumn (private collection). Author: Yriy ShneidermanArtwork title: African Chief . Author: Moses Ziborkede
Artwork title: African style. Author: Moses ZiborkedeArtwork title: Christmas angel (private collection). Author: Sergey Ledyaev
Artwork title: Ship . Author: Assol SasArtwork title: eeting (private collection). Author: Galiya Khusainova (GaBo)
Artwork title: St. George and the Serpent. Author: Georgiy MakarovArtwork title: Duet (private collection). Author: Inna Kostina
Artwork title: Soft power (gallery collection). Author: Aybek RozakovArtwork title: Night town . Author: Georgiy Makarov
Artwork title: Torso (private collection). Author: Beksultan ZhankisievArtwork title:  Rebirth . Author: Spartak Gevorgyan
Artwork title: Amazon. Author: Askar YesdauletArtwork title: Bather (private collection). Author: Spartak Gevorgyan
Artwork title: Goddess (private collection). Author: Spartak GevorgyanArtwork title: Bull (private collection). Author: Said Ainekov
Artwork title: Rhinoceros with a bird. Author: Hayk HorasyanArtwork title: Model. Author: Spartak Gevorgyan