Every Monday Arvest Art Gallery master-class takes place.

75/78 Bogenbay Batira Street
(corner Kaldayakov)
Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Artwork title: Queen of the flowers (private collection). Author: Anara AbzhanovaArtwork title: Illustration
Artwork title: Autumn garden (private collection). Author: Gohar BoryanArtwork title: Summer. Rainy clouds (private collection). Author: Yriy Shneiderman
Artwork title: Golden Pomegranate (private collection). Author: Gohar BoryanArtwork title: Battle (private collection). Author: Galiya Khusainova (GaBo)
Artwork title: Garden IV, from series Eight paradise gardens. Author: Georgiy MakarovArtwork title: Series
Artwork title: Gifts, from series Colour of pomegranate (private collection). Author: Georgiy MakarovArtwork title: David-Builder. Author: Georgiy Makarov
Artwork title: Evening. Author: Marat BekeyevArtwork title: Silence (private collection). Author: Anna Margatskaya
Artwork title: Reading (private collection). Author: Rasim MikhaeliArtwork title: Fairy tale  (3 part)- private collection. Author: Anna Margatskaya
Artwork title: Day. Author: Marat BekeyevArtwork title: The Gifts Of The Magi (gallery collection). Author: Yuri  Plotnikov
Artwork title: Meeting (private collection). Author: Sergey LedyaevArtwork title: Artist with the sketch book . Author: A.S. Antropov