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Artists Michael Antonov

Antonov Michael

Antonov Michael - a painter. He was born in 1956. He graduated from the art school in Nukus. He is a member of the Union of Artists. Participation in exhibition activity has begun since 70 th years. Savitskiy I.V. - famous collector and the founder of the well-known State Kara-Kalpak museum, where the unique collection of masterpieces from classicism and avant-garde of 20 th, 30 th years to folklore-ethnographic directions of the world art played a certain role in formation of a creative way of the artist.

M. Antonovs creativity absorbed a wide experience of the last and modern synthesizes individual style of his pictures - filled with the mysterious environment weaved of dreams, imaginations, associations penetrated by intuitive emotional outburst of color from twilight under conscious. Pictures of the artist are penetrated by vibrating light, color, stains, space, in combination with attributes of the constructive decisions. Line asperity alternating with passive - spatial environment shows latent subconscious "ego" of the author, representing synthesis of a modernism and expressive - sensual special, coloristic attitudes transformed in imitable mixed-modern style. The spectrum of plastic embodiments of the artists plans which can be expressed from abstract forms to romantic-realistic, representing all genres such as fantastic plots, landscapes, still-lives and abstract compositions is plentiful. Pictures of Antonov gained long-range distinction in the CIS and abroad. His pictures have been got by museums, galleries, banks, organizations, collectors of many countries Kara-Kalpakstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany, Holland, France, Japan, the USA, etc.

The list of some exhibitions:

1970-90 th - exhibitions - youth, republican, all-Union, international in the USSR and abroad.
1987 - exhibition of young artists. Moscow. The diploma of the winner. 3 place.
1988 - exhibition in the United Arab Emirates organized by Interculture
1989 - exhibition devoted to ecology problems. Moscow. Manej.
1989 - exhibition in gallery MARS. Moscow.
1991 - international exhibition ART MIF II. Moscow.
1993 - international exhibition in Israel. Management of exhibitions.
1994 - group exhibition in company "B.A.T". England.
1995 - group exhibition. Las Vegas. The USA.
1996 - personal exhibitions in cities of Germany - Bonn, Hamburg, Lubeck, Osnabruck.
1997 - exhibition in the United Nations (representation). Paris.
1998 - personal exhibition in representation "Daewoo". South Korea.
1999 - group exhibition in gallery "BraumPlus". Vienna.
1998-1999th - of Art-Salon TSDH. Moscow.
2001 and further - cooperation with galleries of Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany, etc.

Michael Antonov
Artwork title: Silence (private collection). Artist: Michael AntonovArtwork title: Autumn . Artist: Michael Antonov
Artwork title: Summer still-life (private collection). Artist: Michael AntonovArtwork title: Legend (private collection). Artist: Michael Antonov
Artwork title: Landscape. Artist: Michael Antonov