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Artists Amangeldi Kenenbaev
Born in 1955 in the small town of Sulutobe in Kzyl-Orda Oblast. In 1982 he graduated with honours from the A. Kasteyev Art College in Chimkent. Became a member of the Artists Union of Kazakhstan in 1990. Participated in a number of charity events for orphans. In 2000 he became an exhibitioner of the akimat (administration) of Kzyl-Orda Oblast.
Amangeldy Kenenbayev, just like many artists whose native homeland is the South Kazakhstan steppes, pay much attention in his creative work to working with colours. The multi-dimensional reality of his canvasses reduces to a common denominator - luminescence, glimmering, magical interchange of colour spots. When reinforced, they create a solemn and laconic rhythm of the composition; when weakened they reveal the spatial depth. Sharp outbursts of colours outline the contours of objects. Having something in common and interacting, these colour nuances create the necessary atmosphere and mood.
The peculiarity of the palettes of Kenenbayev in the tense luminescence of warm and cold colour hues, submerged in softening and conciliate environment of lilac twilight. The artist loves and senses subtly short evening moods, when objects dissolve in the mirage of sunset, a time when everything turns mysterious and appeased.
This artist does not draw objects, nor people or events, but heart-felt images of South Kazakhstan steppe. Land, sky, yurt domes, women, hearth, silhouettes of camels - these are perhaps all the dramatic personae in the works of Kenenbayev. They roam from one canvass to another. With nonrandom captivating persistency, they are modified and emerge again and again. In this constancy and invariability, only the keen and attentive eye of the artist sees many shades: the ray of light came from a different position, shades have thickened, clouds have dislocated a bit. In an instant, these symbols seem to give way to other moods - each moment of reality contains all the fullness of living properties, each part of existence conceal in itself a reflection of the whole. The task before the artist is to find the balance between the concrete and conditional, real and ideal, evident and dream world.
I. Yuferova
Amangeldi Kenenbaev
Artwork title: Sarysu, Kyzemshek. Artist: Amangeldi KenenbaevArtwork title: Sarysu-3. Artist: Amangeldi Kenenbaev