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Artists Nikolay Gazeev

Nikolay Gazeyev

In 1970 graduated from Art School in Alma-Ata city. In 1978 graduated from Academy of Applied Art, Workshop named after Y.M. Neprintsev in St Petersburg city. From 1983 is a member of St. Petersburg Union of Artists. Live and work in St. Petersburg and Almaty. From August 2000 cooperate with Central State Archive of RK about investigations of S.Kalmykov’s creativity, work on organization of S.Kalmykov’s exhibitions from Archive’ Funds.

Main Exhibitions:

  • Joint exhibition with Margaret Bouot. “The Little Landscape of Britain and Kazakhstan”. British Council, Almaty, Kazakhstan, September, 1997
  • Personal. “The Album-Autograph. Book Album, Book in English”. Russian National Library, St. Petersburg, Russia, September, 1998
  • Project “Lessons of Kalmykov. I”, exhibition “Richmond Park”. Sergey Kalmykov (painting, drawing from collection “Tengry-Umay”), Nikolai Gazeyev (painting, graphics)
  • Project “Lessons of Kalmykov. II. Lessons about color of flower and green grass”, “The Landscape behind Mona Liza”. Exhibition of painting in nature’s landscape at height 2250 meters, Big Almaty Lake, 26 September 1999, from 27 September to 9 October 1999 in the “Tengry-Umay” Galery.
  • “Portrait in the fine arts of Kazakhstan of XX century”. Exibited project of “Most” Association and the Museum of Art named after A.Kasteyev, Almaty, Kaakhstan, November, 2001
  • Exhibition “New acquisitions from Central Asia. Selections from The Norton and Nancy Dodge Collection of Nonconformist Art from the Soviet Union” (“Favorites from non-conformist art Collection of Soviet Union of Norton and Nancy Dodge”). Art Museum of Jane Worhes Zimmerly, USA, May, 2001
  • “Kazakhstan’s Art-2001”. Jezira Art Center, Egypt, May, 2001
  • «Spiritual Party». Center of Modern Art of Soros Kazakhstan Fund, Almaty, May, 2001
  • The exhibition of painting “City – out of the city”. “Ou” Gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan, June-July, 2003.
  • Collective exhibition of painting and graphics in the Academy of Arts, St Petersburg city 2007.
Separate works are kept in:

Zimmerly Museum, USA; Museum of Art named after A.Kasteyev, Almaty; “Tengry-Umay” Galery, Almaty; “Ou” Galery, Almaty; personal collections of Klaus-Peter Shuts, Munich; Elizabeth White, Great Britain; Suzan Hill, Great Britain; Kim Vilder; Great Britain; Hans-Peter Ridel, Hamburg; Sharon and Ruloff Van Ace, Netherlands; collection of D.N. Nazarbayeva, Kazakhstan

Nikolay Gazeev
Artwork title: Crossing Abai street and Chaikovskogo street. Artist: Nikolay GazeevArtwork title: The Caspian Sea. The picture must necessarily be a point of emerald green with yellow and blue paver tractor along the coast. Artist: Nikolay Gazeev
Artwork title: Mountain lake. Evening. Artist: Nikolay GazeevArtwork title: Two suns. Artist: Nikolay Gazeev
Artwork title: Night city. Artist: Nikolay GazeevArtwork title: Yellow, green apple, a plate on the table. Artist: Nikolay Gazeev
Artwork title: Slowly the evening comes with a white luminous cloud. Artist: Nikolay GazeevArtwork title: The moon over the red house. (Late in the  evening. Low horizon). Artist: Nikolay Gazeev
Artwork title: Birds untangle the threads ever-green tree. Artist: Nikolay GazeevArtwork title:  Mira and Djambul Street. Artist: Nikolay Gazeev