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Artists Yriy Shneiderman

Shneyderman Yuriy Samuilovich

Shneyderman Yuriy Samuilovich is a painter, a member of the Kazakhstani Painters League and a participant of the Republic and international exhibitions.

Shneyderman is a former officer of the Soviet Army, took part in the Great Patriotic War. Later he was a mechanical engineer, who worked at the Kirov factory (Alma-Ata) for thirty five years.

He was born in June 1st, 1926 in Ukraine in the family of the professional military man.

He lives in Almaty since 1948, married, has 2 daughters and a granddaughter. In the years of the “Cold War”he served in the army (1952-56) for the second time. He was awarded by 30 State awards for his military and labor successes.

He began painting in his early childhood when in 1934 in Theodosia he faced works of the famous painter of sea-scapes Mr. Ayvazovsky.

Then the war began, his mother and Yuriy were evacuated to a little town on the Oka river. Being 16 (1943) he served in the army, then it was front, hospital and again front. And at last it was Victory!

Painting was removed for long years. It was a period of studying, marriage, giving birth to children. And only 30 years later at the beginning of 60s working at the factory he started to paint in water colors and in 1964 he conducted his first personal exhibition in one of the cinemas of Almaty. Then there were more than 130 exhibitions of different levels. In different years and under different circumstances Yuriy Samuilovich had to visit more than hundred cities of the USSR and countries of the Eastern Europe. This was later reflected in the series of water color paintings “Cities I had been to…”, “Yards and little yards”, “Near-Far” (cathedrals and monasteries).

Many museums of Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey and private collections of Almaty, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities of the CIS and more than 30 countries abroad (the USA, Israel, France, England, Italy, Germany, Iran, Southern Korea, Finland, Australia) posses his pictures.

At the end of 90s he had three successful exhibitions in Turkey (Ankara and Istanbul).

All his life Yuriy Samuilovich has been studying the art of many famous painters. But his favorites are still Ayvazovsky and Renuar.

Great importance in his work has his acquaintance at the beginning of his art carrier (1965-1967) with the remarkable artist and outstanding teacher, academic, professor of painting Cherkassliy, whom can be considered to be the first teacher of Yuriy Samuilovich.

Later there were many meetings and conversations with famous people of art such as painters Antoschenko-Olenev, Azhiyev, Dyachkin, Polyakov, Romenov, Kvachko, arts critics Rassokhina, Meller, Polonskaya, Yuferova and many others.

Ivan Yakovlevich Stadnichuk (1913-2000), a great master of water color painting, a member of the USSR Painters League, with whom Yuriy Samuilovich accosiated for 30 years takes a special place in his life. 8 years Yuriy Samuilovich regularly visited his art water color studio “Pyatnitsa” within the Kazakhstani Painters League (1972-1980).

His family plays a great part in the development of his art.

Studying the works of many painters, different techniques and directions, Yuriy Samuilovich is entirely devoted to his favorite water color paintings, lyrical painting manner, and love for surrounding nature more than 40 years. All his works are defined by a painter himself, by series of works: “2 steps from the city” (country landscapes), “Cities I had been to…”, “Yards and little yards”, “Near-Far”, “The road to our home” (the roads of the war) and others, which are very popular with people, which were marked by mass media.

He created more than 7000 water color paintings.

Yuriy Samuilovich is fond of bard songs. The book of his poems, songs and paintings “Water color painting and guitar” was published in 2002. Not only his exhibitions, but parties of his bard songs are very popular.

Last years some books of different authors illustrated by water color paintings of Shneiderman were published.

Nowadays the painter is on the rise of his art, looking for new subjects and new forms of self-expression.

Yriy Shneiderman
Artwork title: Oh! These camomiles! (private collection). Artist: Yriy ShneidermanArtwork title: And we have in the yard. Artist: Yriy Shneiderman
Artwork title: Panfilov's park autumn (private collection). Artist: Yriy ShneidermanArtwork title: The autumn has come (private collection). Artist: Yriy Shneiderman
Artwork title: In the city of January. Artist: Yriy ShneidermanArtwork title: Frosty day. Artist: Yriy Shneiderman
Artwork title: The icy stream. Near Butakovka. Artist: Yriy ShneidermanArtwork title: In the city of winter. Artist: Yriy Shneiderman
Artwork title: Old outskirts. Rush hour. Artist: Yriy ShneidermanArtwork title: Spring approach (private collection). Artist: Yriy Shneiderman