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Artists nna Zarnitsky

Zarnitzky Anna

Born 1964 in Irkutsk, Russia

1981-1985- studied at the college of Art in Irkutsk

1985-1990- Faculty of Graphics Arts, the Popular University, Moscow

1991- Immigrated to Israel

1992- Member of the Israel Association of Painters and Sculptors

Solo Exhibitions:

1984- Sib Art Gallery, Irkutsk, Russia

1992- Memorial MuseumYad-LeBanim, Beer-Sheva

2004- Yellow Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2008- Museum Beith-Ha-Tanah, Tel Aviv

1985-2007-Group Exhibitions in Israel, Russia, Mongolia, Japan and Czech Republic

2008 Eyes on Jerusalem, Israel Paints Jerusalem, Old City, Jerusalem

Her Art Works are represented in private collections in the many countries.


nna Zarnitsky
Artwork title: Pomegranates  on the background of Jerusalem (private collection). Artist: nna ZarnitskyArtwork title: Armon Hanatziv (Governor's castle). . Artist: nna Zarnitsky
Artwork title: Still life in silver. Artist: nna ZarnitskyArtwork title: Still life. Artist: nna Zarnitsky
Artwork title: Warm evening. Artist: nna ZarnitskyArtwork title: Nest (private collection). Artist: nna Zarnitsky
Artwork title: Florist. Artist: nna ZarnitskyArtwork title: Autumn music . Artist: nna Zarnitsky
Artwork title: Violist . Artist: nna ZarnitskyArtwork title: Evening  (private collection). Artist: nna Zarnitsky