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Artists Andrian Judro

Andrian Judro

Born 1965 in Baranovichy, Belarus

Glebov College of Art, Painting, Minsk, Belarus

Art Academy, Design, Minsk, Belarus

1999-immigrated to Israel

1989-1998-Group Exhibitions of the Artists Association in Khabarovsk, Russia

Group Exhibitions:

2000-2007- in Israel: Tel Aviv, Rishon Le-Zion, Petah Tikva,

Netania, Jerusalem, Bat-Yam

2008 – “Eyes on Jerusalem, Israel Paints Jerusalem”, Old City, Jerusalem

“Kaleidoscope”, City Gallery, Bat-Yam

“Above Reality”, the SCE University of Engineering, Be’er-Sheva

“60 Anniversary of Israel”, the Bible Museum, Tel Aviv

2009 - “Cheval de Sable Gallery”, Paris, France

- “And remember the world is saved ...”, Russian Culture Center, Tel Aviv

- “Art of Artistes Israelite’s”, Museum of Antiquities, Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv

- “Arts of Holon”, Academia Hall, Holon

- “Russian Art Gallery”, Baker Street Workshop, Jaffa, Tel Aviv

2010 - “Good morning Tel Aviv”, Light House Gallery, Jaffa, Tel Aviv

- “Maxim gallery”, Slavsko, Ukraina

- “Spring Still Life”, Migdalor, Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv

- “Yehuda Hanasi”, City Gallery, Netania

- “22Artists” Skizze, Club-Gallery, Jerusalem

Solo Exhibitions:

1996 - Art Gallery of Culture Fund, Khabarovsk, Russia

2000 - Exhibitions Group Center, Tel Aviv

2004 - Gallery “The Third”, Netania

2005 - Gallery Artists Associations of Petah Tikva

2007 –“Yellow Gallery”, Prague, Czech Republic

2008 - Museum “Bait-Ha-Tanah”, Tel Aviv

2009 - Museum Art Academy, Minsk, Belarus

- Central Expositional “Konstantin Brancusiof Kishinev. Moldova

- Gallery Artists Associations of Rehovot, Israel

- Central Art Gallery of Slutsk, Belarus

2010 - “My Beit-a-Migdash”, Public Library, Jerusalem, Israel

- Omsk State University, Omsk, Russia

- State Novosibirsk Museum, Novosibirsk, Russia

- Art Gallery “G.Vashcenko”, Gomel, Belarus

- "The World Around Us", Center for the Arts in Jerusalem, Israel


His Art Works are represented in private collections in the many countries.

Articles about the artist

East and West for couple

Andrian Judro
Artwork title: Slice of bread. Artist: Andrian JudroArtwork title: Taste of the East. Artist: Andrian Judro
Artwork title: Angel. Artist: Andrian JudroArtwork title: Guessing on a coffee thick. Artist: Andrian Judro
Artwork title: Ńup of coffee  (private collection). Artist: Andrian JudroArtwork title: Gentle woman (private collection). Artist: Andrian Judro
Artwork title: Glance (private collection). Artist: Andrian JudroArtwork title: In cafe. Artist: Andrian Judro
Artwork title: Beach 1. Artist: Andrian JudroArtwork title: Music. Artist: Andrian Judro