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Artists Tokbolat Toguzbayev

Born in the village of Ontustuk, Georgiyevsk Ditrict in Chimkent Oblast. In 1965 graduated from the N.V. Gogol Art College in Alma Ata, studying under M. Kenbayev. Started exhibiting since 1967 the same year that he became a member of the Artists Union of Kazakhstan.
Holds the title of Honoured Artist of Kazakh SSR.
Tokbolat Toguzbayev started following his independent creative path from the end of the 1960s, which coincides with the growing trends for the engrossed study of colour plastic laws of ornamental symbols of articles of folk art. The emotional incandescence in the creative works of Tokbolat Toguzbayev determines the complex organization of compositional space based on the rhythm of colour and form.
The real world becomes part of the common ornamental system, subordinate to the laws of chaotic subject environment and amplifying the esthetic values of things, which are commonplace and an everyday affair. In the search of plastic image symbols, the artist often returns to the one and very motive and image. This could be an article for national way of life, for example, the image of a low round table can be interpreted to symbolize the fireplace in the home, comfort of the family, or the images of the elderly and baby, embodied in the idea of the continuation of generation and live tradition. Logically freeing himself from the literary way of presenting his ideas in his works the artist turns to the style, which brightly and emotionally opens the essence of his talent based on the delicate intuition for colour correlation.
Tokbolat Toguzbayev's picture canvasses are an amalgamation of the values of easel pictures, monumental and decorative applied art and a mixture of traditions of eastern and western culture.

Tokbolat Toguzbayev
Artwork title: Aily kesh (gallery collection). Artist: Tokbolat Toguzbayev