Every Monday Arvest Art Gallery master-class takes place.

75/78 Bogenbay Batira Street
(corner Kaldayakov)
Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Mobile: + 7 701 799 94 09


Artwork title: Younger brother (private collection). Author: Marat BekeyevArtwork title: Morning. Author: Marat Bekeyev
Artwork title: Gentle woman (private collection). Author: Andrian JudroArtwork title: Zebra. Author: Alexander Antadze
Artwork title: Duel. Author: Elinor BrodskyArtwork title: Sage of the East. Author: Georgiy Makarov
Artwork title: Still life with omelet (private collection). Author: Georgiy MakarovArtwork title: February (private collection). Author: Anara Abzhanova
Artwork title: Winter Day in Siyan (private collection) . Author: Muhamet-Umar PanshaevArtwork title: Twins (private collection). Author: Tamara Tevs
Artwork title: Fishes (private collection). Author: Svetlana PlotnikovaArtwork title: Vessel-woman (private collection). Author: Sergey Ledyaev
Artwork title: The city of love...  (private collection). Author: Aram HunanyanArtwork title: Ornamental flowerpot. Author: Musheh Amirkhonyan
Artwork title: Winged bull (private collection). Author: Vladimir GrigoryanArtwork title: Shigaraki. Author: Alexander Lvovich
Artwork title: Cat. Author: Alexander LvovichArtwork title: Eva. A new day. Author: Vladimir Grigoryan